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How to choose the best hosting for Joomla in 2020?

How-to-choose-hosting-for-Joomla How to choose the best Joomla hosting in 2020?

If you want to find a suitable and high-quality hosting for your Joomla site, you need to carefully study the capabilities of the servers, since not every hosting provider can offer the conditions necessary for the correct operation of the Joomla CMS.

On some hostings, the database may work slowly, on others there are limits on the use of server resources, etc. Some hosting companies even block the operation of servers in case of excessive loads.

For this reason, we recommend that you pay attention to those providers that offer automatic installation of Joomla. In most cases, these providers tested the working parameters of CMS Joomla, and configured the compatibility of its shell on their servers.

It is worth considering that not every hosting provider supports the latest versions of CMS Joomla, and updates the software along with the release of the latest service packs for Joomla.

What characteristics should Joomla hosting have?

Joomla is developed in the JavaScript and PHP programming languages. The main feature of this content management system is its powerful functionality, which allows the creation of serious sites with a large number of files and high load.

Any hosting for Joomla CMS must meet a number of server requirements.

Here are the basic requirements:

  • The server must have the latest version of Apache installed
  • The server must support PHP version 7.x for modern versions of Joomla
  • Requires support for CGI and XML scripts
  • The minimum amount of memory for storing PHP scripts should be 200 Mb
  • At least 200 Mb of disk space should be allocated to a site running Joomla
  • You must be able to install MySQL databases of at least 5.0 version
  • If the hosting provider you have chosen provides the listed features, then the site on CMS Joomla will work quickly and correctly.

Additional parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing a hosting for Joomla:

  • One of the most important factors when choosing a hosting, of course, is the cost of hosting provider services. Often, the high price does not guarantee the quality of services at all, so it's worth first of all to evaluate the functional characteristics of the proposed servers
  • Server uptime is at least 95% of all working time
  • Availability of prompt and professional technical support
  • Having the ability to install Joomla by default
  • Availability of regular software updates in accordance with the requirements of new Joomla CMS updates
  • The convenience of the hosting interface is also one of the most important conditions when choosing a hosting, as this factor significantly affects the speed of your work.
  • Access to edit PHP settings is of great importance, as some third-party Joomla extensions require certain additional adjustments
  • It is advisable to be able to use "memcached" and access to the file caching system on the server


Which hosting for your Joomla site to choose is up to you, but you should always pay attention to the price / quality ratio of services. When choosing a hosting, we recommend that you carefully study the ratings and user reviews published on HostAdvise.

Our team has experience in using many hosting sites, and we are ready to offer you TOP5 hosting providers. Their services, in our opinion, are fully consistent with the modern requirements for hosting for CMS Joomla.

TOP5 Joomla Hosting Providers

 We suggest that you independently study the features of each of the listed hosting and make a decision. 

The sequence of location does not matter since this is not a rating of hosting services, 

but only a selection in accordance with our choice.


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