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CMS Joomla Website Diagnostics

Joomla-site-diagnostics CMS Joomla Website diagnostics

Any modern site requires constant monitoring and sites developed on CMS Joomla are no exception. This is primarily because the CMS itself and the main third-party extensions are constantly updated in order to expand the functionality. In addition, importantly, in order to eliminate possible vulnerabilities. Long interruptions in site maintenance can cause serious security and performance issues.

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RSFirewall - The Best Joomla Security Extension

RSFirewall-Joomla-Security-Extension RSFirewall - The Best Extension for Joomla Security

We bring to your attention the RSFirewall extension, the best solution for security setup on a site running CMS Joomla. The RSFirewall component has proven itself and is highly rated by users in the JED (Joomla extension directory). Our team will help install and configure the RSFirewall component. This extension is included in the "INSTALL EXTENSION" package, as well as in the set of extensions of the "JOOMLA SECURITY PACK"

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