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ChemiCloud – Joomla Hosting Review

CHEMICLOUD-Joomla-Hosting-Review ChemiCloud – CMS Joomla Hosting Review

We offer you the hosting of ChemiCloud for Joomla. New, but despite this, the best, according to user reviews, hosting for sites at the moment. Although not the cheapest. ChemiCloud hosting has the highest ratings and user reviews on HostAdvise. Our team will help you install and configure the Joomla site on ChemiCloud hosting.

ChemiCloud Hosting description:

ChemiCloud is one of the new, but despite this, one of the most popular hosting services today. It quickly gains a reputation in the market. Although it is not as popular as A2 hosting or SiteGround so far, but it constantly falls into the spotlight, providing excellent service and offers.
ChemiCloud is a new hosting, but the main thing that can be said about it is that it is very reliable. Its smooth running features are delightful - 99.98% Uptime! 

ChemiCloud has 24x7 support for its customers. You can expect an average response time of 15 minutes for contact through a ticket and 2 seconds for contact through chat. We assure you that you can count on better support compared to large companies.

ChemiCloud also provides multi-server hosting at no additional cost, so your site stays close to visitors. ChemiCloud has servers in Singapore, New York, London, Bucharest, San Francisco and Amsterdam.

User reviews about ChemiCloud Hosting

Among the main advantages, users highlight that all servers have HTTP / 2 support, a free domain name is issued, daily free backup and restore is performed, as well as fast support. Also, users like the fact that the ChemiCloud cloud service provides a better distribution of resources and increases uptime.

ChemiCloud Hosting Specifications: 













Go to the ChemiCloud Hosting >>>

If you want to install your website on this hosting, our developers could do it. 

They will install a website and configure it according to the server requirements and tasks of your site.

To order the installation of the new website on ChemiCloud

use our Service Pack "NEW JOOMLA SITE"


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