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SiteGround – Joomla Hosting Review

SITEGROUND-Joomla-Hosting-Review SITEGROUND – CMS Joomla Hosting Review

We offer you hosting SiteGround for Joomla. One of the best hosting services for hosting a site running CMS Joomla. SiteGround hosting has high ratings and user reviews on HostAdvise. Our team will help you install and configure a Joomla website on the SiteGround hosting.

Description of SiteGround hosting:

SiteGround is one of the best hosting services on the market. The provider offers an extensive list of various services - virtual hosting, cloud hosting and a fully dedicated server. SiteGround has data centers in Chicago, London, Amsterdam and Singapore, so SiteGround is perfect for users from almost any country in the world.

All packages have unlimited traffic, mailboxes and databases. Startup package includes a free domain, and is relatively inexpensive. An interesting feature of SiteGround is that they can guide you on how much this or that package of services is designed for. This information will help site owners make the right choice when buying a package. The hosting provider has an excellent and efficient support service. The hosting control panel is intuitive even for novice users.

User opinions about hosting SiteGround

Hosting users primarily like high-quality technical support and quite a lot of functionality. It is worth noting that there is a native extension for Joomla for managing server caching, as well as the ability to use "memcached", which significantly increases the speed of issuing sites, which is already pretty good, especially compared to monsters like BLUEHOST and GoDaddy.

SiteGround Hosting Features:




$3.95/ month









If you plan to host your site on this hosting, our developers can help you.

They will install the site and make a full configuration, taking into account the features of the hosting.

To order work on installing a new Joomla site on SiteGround hosting

use the service package "NEW JOOMLA SITE"


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