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$149.00 each

The package includes the selection and configuration of hosting for your site on CMS Joomla, taking into account the specifics and planned traffic of the site. A list of the best international hosting services for Joomla is published in the «JOOMLA HOSTING» section. This list is constantly updated and includes the most popular offers of hosting providers to date.

If you have already made a decision and want to place your site on some other hosting, our experts will help you configure the basic hosting elements and optimize the site for the required conditions.

The cost of this package when ordering on FIXJOOMLA will be US $ 149. At the same time, you will receive the whole range of work on setting up and hosting your site. In addition, our specialist will carry out the necessary work on setting up an FTP connection, setting up an SSL certificate, creating mailboxes and setting up forwarding mail messages, setting up server caching, etc. Such work in normal mode will take 2 to 3 days of the work of a dedicated specialist. In fact, the cost of the package consists only of the cost of paying for a specialist.

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