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New Joomla Site

Common price: $1,200.00 Our price: $990.00 each

Website development on CMS Joomla based on a ready-made commercial template from one of the leading brands with the adaptation of design, site structure, installation and configuration of a set of 10 best paid extensions. The list of extensions is available at the request of the customer and varies depending on the direction of the future site. The cost includes the installation of CMS, refinement of the style, design of the main sections of the site and their filling with demonstration content in accordance with the statement of work. Joomla master will install and configure the necessary commercial extensions.

An example of a complete blog site with its own social network and forum:

  • Paid Joomla-Monster Template - JM Company (Commercial License US $ 120)
  • EasySocial Component and Modules (US $ 149 Commercial License)
  • Component and modules EasyBlog (Commercial license US $ 79)
  • Component and Modules EasyDiscuss (Commercial License US $ 79)
  • Component and Modules Komento (Commercial License US $ 35)
  • Component and Modules of RSFirewall (Commercial License US $ 55)
  • Component and Modules RSSEO (Commercial License US $ 33)
  • Akeeba Backup Pro Component (US $ 55 Commercial License)
  • JCE Editor Pro Component (US $ 33 Commercial License)
  • Component and Modules Improved Ajax Login Pro (Commercial License US $ 24)
  • Component and Modules Falang Pro (Commercial License US $ 150)

The total cost of third-party Joomla extensions included in the example package “NEW JOOMLA SITE” is US $ 812

The cost of this package when ordering on FIXJOOMLA will be US $ 990. At the same time, in addition to the listed extensions, you will receive the whole range of works on installing CMS on your server, adapting the design, filling content with the main sections of the site, setting up and interacting with all the extensions. Such work in the normal mode will take from two to four weeks of work of the dedicated specialists. In fact, all of the listed jobs will cost you less than US $ 200, which is undoubtedly less than paying for the work of any invited freelancer.

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