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Joomla Speed Customization

$290.00 each

The package "Joomla Speed Customization" includes a full analysis of the site loading speed on Joomla CMS. Installation and configuration of the paid extension JCH Optimize PRO (Commercial license US $ 99), installation and configuration of the paid extension Advanced Module Manager Pro (Commercial license US $ 44), as well as a set of works to identify and eliminate the causes of slow loading of the site.

In the course of the work, a comprehensive analysis of the file structure of the site will be carried out, CSS, Java scripts, fonts and images files will be checked and optimized. Optimized tables and database structure. Some important server software settings will been changed. Set up a system for caching pages and site modules. Significantly reduced the number of server requests and configured asynchronous loading of key elements. Using the Advanced Module Manager Pro extension will be configured a differentiated display of modules for different devices (desktops, tablets and mobiles).

The result of the work on optimizing the speed of the site will be a significant increase in the speed of the site loading, which will undoubtedly affect its attractiveness to users, but also increase its Joomla SEO characteristics.

The time it takes to complete all of the above works depends on the structure of the site, the quality of its development and averages from 7 to 10 days of work of qualified specialists.

The cost of the basic package “Joomla Speed Customization”, which includes installing the above paid extensions and carrying out all of the listed wor

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