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15 key Advantages of Joomla CMS

15 key Advantages of Joomla CMS 15 Key Advantages of The CMS Joomla

1. CMS Joomla is free; 2. Managing a site on Joomla is as simple as using Word or Excel; 3. Joomla is safe; 4. Joomla is available in all languages ​​of the world; 5. High quality source code of CMS Joomla; 6. Easy installation and initial configuration of CMS Joomla; 7. Simple and convenient administration panel; 8. Thousands of free and commercial CMS Joomla templates; 9. Tens of thousands of developed extensions for CMS Joomla; 10. Joomla modules allow high-quality display of content on the website pages; 11. Joomla plugins provide an unlimited range of features; 12. Great Joomla ecommerce applications; 13. Update Joomla version in a few seconds; 14. Fast loading of websites based on CMS Joomla; 15. Excellent opportunities for SEO-optimization.

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