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CMS Joomla Website Diagnostics

Joomla-site-diagnostics CMS Joomla Website diagnostics

Any modern site requires constant monitoring and sites developed on CMS Joomla are no exception. This is primarily because the CMS itself and the main third-party extensions are constantly updated in order to expand the functionality. In addition, importantly, in order to eliminate possible vulnerabilities. Long interruptions in site maintenance can cause serious security and performance issues.

 As a clear analogy, you can cite the rules of operation of the car. Any, even the most modern and reliable car requires constant maintenance. Scheduled technical inspections and replacement of consumables, oil, brake pads, etc. are needed.

Routine diagnostics is one of the most important elements of car maintenance.

The same principles underlie the monitoring of the health of your site! And they should not be neglected. Especially if your site is essential to the functioning of your business.

Based on our practical experience, we recommend at least once a month to conduct a full site diagnosis and timely eliminate all possible problems. Update both Joomla CMS itself and all key extensions installed on the site.

During the advertising campaign, on our website you can order free diagnostics of your website developed on CMS Joomla.

The package includes a complete analysis of the main page of your site for errors, both programmatic and errors that affect the loading speed and the results in search engines.

Based on the analysis, you will be provided with a detailed report and a list of recommendations for resolving critical errors on the site.

The cost of this package when ordering on FIXJOOMLA will be US $ 49 (during the campaign - FREE !!!). In this case, you will receive a complete guide to optimizing the operation of your Joomla site. Such work in normal mode will take from 1 to 2 days of work of a dedicated specialist. In fact, the cost of the package consists only of the cost of paying for the work of a specialist.

Diagnostics can be carried out in two ways: 


External diagnostics of the site is carried out by external study using special software and does not require the installation of additional extensions on your site. As a result, you will receive a report in PDF format, which will reflect the main indicators of the site and all the main errors that affect the assessment of the site by search engines. 


Advanced site diagnostics performed using a special component that is installed through the administrative panel of your site (it will require the creation of an administrative account for our specialist). Using this component (from a third-party developer), our specialist will be able to identify the security level of your site, detect malwares, identify errors in server settings and file system permissions, errors in optimizing database tables, etc. As a result, you will receive a detailed report, which will reflect the key indicators of the security of your site.

Based on the diagnosis, our specialist will offer you a list of priority measures that must be taken to eliminate all identified errors and vulnerabilities on your site. As a result, you will receive a work plan, for the implementation of which you can attract either our specialist or any other third-party developer.

You can order diagnostics for your Joomla site through the form on the FixJoomla.com main page, or in the services section - the Joomla Diagnostics package


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