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RSFirewall - The Best Joomla Security Extension

RSFirewall-Joomla-Security-Extension RSFirewall - The Best Extension for Joomla Security

We bring to your attention the RSFirewall extension, the best solution for security setup on a site running CMS Joomla. The RSFirewall component has proven itself and is highly rated by users in the JED (Joomla extension directory). Our team will help install and configure the RSFirewall component. This extension is included in the "INSTALL EXTENSION" package, as well as in the set of extensions of the "JOOMLA SECURITY PACK"

RSFirewall Extension Description: 

RSFirewall is a powerful and perhaps the best extension to date to protect Joomla from SQL, PHP, LFI, XSS injections, spam, DOS attacks, password guessing and blocking access to the site's admin panel in real time. The extension has its own anti-virus and CMS Joomla file integrity analyzer. The extension has a log of attempted attacks. There is also a module for checking the site's security against hacking and black and white lists are generated. RSFirewall has a wide range of settings, with the help of which it is possible to exclude components, access the site from specific URLs and browsers. In the extension, you can configure blocking access to the site by IP, countries or continents. The extension is the best of its kind solution to protect against hacking and hacker attacks. Joomla security is one of the most important factors, so we recommend installing this extension on every site.

Why do users choose RSFirewall?

Great functionality and many options for various tasks. Convenient administrative panel. Simplicity and intuitive control panel. The ability to quickly analyze the structure of the site and database tables. Basic safety checks are carried out automatically and do not take much time. The presence of a large number of language versions.

Key features of RSFirewall:

Protecting Joomla from injection, remote code execution, remote and local inclusion of files in real time. Tracking POST and GET parameters. Track critical Joomla files and detect their changes. Checking files uploaded to the site through various forms. Check the integrity of the files of the CMS itself. Comprehensive security check Joomla. Scan files for viruses. The component is equipped with a specialized virus scanner specifically for Joomla. All files inside the root folder of the site are checked, including all subfolders. Check for new versions of Joomla and RSFirewall. Providing a full report with recommendations and calculation of the site security coefficient.

RSFirewall Extension Specifications: 




55.00 USD


Joomla! 3.6.5+, PHP5.3+, MySQL 5.x

If you want to install this extension on your website or update the version, our developers will help you.

They will install the latest tested version of the extension and configure it according to the objectives of your site.

To order installation and configuration of the RSFirewall extension

use the   "INSTALL EXTENSION" Service Package


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