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EasySocial - Own Social Network for Joomla

EasySocial-Social-Network-for-Joomla EasySocial - Own Social Network for CMS Joomla

We bring to your attention the EasySocial extension, the best solution for creating your own social network on a site running CMS Joomla. The extension has the highest user rating in the Joomla extension directory. Our team will help you install and configure the EasySocial extension

EasySocial Extension description:

EasySocial is, in our opinion, the best extension for creating a full-fledged social network on the Joomla website. Using EasySocial, you can quickly and efficiently build a multi-functional community on your site. You can organize direct interaction with community members and provide users of your site with all the opportunities for communication.

EasySocial functionality allows you to organize groups, create your own pages and events, polls and galleries, and much more. The extension has a huge number of functions and is not inferior in its capabilities, and sometimes significantly surpasses other popular social network extensions for Joomla.

Why do users choose EasySocial Extension?

Despite the rather high cost of a commercial license, many users give their preference to this extension. This is primarily due to the quality of the component and its functionality. In addition, the logic of the extension and ease of use are important. Intuitive administrative interface and excellent interaction with the base and third-party extensions Joomla - this is one of the main advantages of EasySocial.

Key features of the Extension EasySocial:

Excellent functionality for customizing registration forms in accordance with community requirements. Many privacy options for community members. Internal notification system through the system of personal and mail messages. Ability to integrate Facebook authentication system. A system for notifying site administration about inappropriate content for spam and fraudulent activity. System for loading and processing image files, video and audio. Upload photos to Amazon S3 Cloud Album. Migration tool from Jomsocial (works great). Application support for specific user functions. Built-in reward distribution system for users for certain actions in the community. The ability to attach and share files in the process. Convenient functionality for design customization and built-in templates, as well as much more.

EasySocial Specifications: 




149.00 USD


Joomla 3.0+, PHP5.3.10+, MySQL 5.0.4+


Custum CSS file, free internal templates 


Internal SEO Configuration


Mobile Devices responsive design 

If you want to install this extension on your website or update the version, our developers will help you. 

They will install the latest, tested version of the extension and configure it according to the tasks of your site.

To order the installation of the EasySocial extension 

use our Service Pack "INSTALL EXTENSION"


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