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JCH Optimize Pro - Speed UP your Joomla

JCH-Optimize-Pro-descriptonn JCH Optimize Pro - Speed UP your Joomla website

We offer for your attention the JCH Optimize Pro extension, the best plugin for the loading speed optimisation of a site running CMS Joomla. The extension has highest rates and reviews by users in JED (Joomla Extension Directory). Our team will help you install and configure JCH Optimize Pro.

JCH Optimize Pro Extension description:

JCH Optimize Pro is the best Joomla extension (system plugin) to speed up loading pages without changing the contents of the CMS source files and major third-party extensions. The extension allows you to significantly speed up the site loading on Joomla 3 and achieve compliance with all the basic requirements of the Google Page Speed service.

The JCH Optimize Pro plugin allows you to increase the download speed of a page of a site as a whole or separately by compressing and combining file code, changing the file upload order, reducing the total number of downloaded files, etc.

Why do users choose JCH Optimize Pro Extension?

Using the plugin gives impressive results on increasing the speed of the website pages. The extension has several predefined levels of optimization of download speed, which greatly simplifies the configuration process. A wide range of settings makes this extension an almost indispensable tool both for optimizing Joomla speed and for improving SEO quality.

Key features of the ExtensionJCH Optimize Pro:

Compression of CSS, JAVA scripts and HTML code. Combining internal and external CSS and JAVA script files into new PHP files with GZIP compression. Minimizing the number of HTTP server requests. Option to download files asynchronously. Delayed loading of image files (LAZY LOAD) with smooth animation. Built-in mechanism for optimizing site images. Combining image files in SPRITE. Loading part of CSS before loading the main combined CSS file, to prevent blocking the loading of pages ("render-blocking"). Adding details of image files (width and height). Configure CDN service directly inside the extension. Configure Http / 2 server requests and much more.

JCH Optimize Pro Extension Specifications: 


Pro 6.4.1


99.00 USD


Joomla 3.0+, PHP5.6+, MySQL 5.0+

If you want to install this extension on your website or update the version, our developers will help you. 

They will install the latest, tested version of the extension and configure it according to the tasks of your site.

To order the installation of the JCH Optimize Pro extension 

use our Service Pack "INSTALL EXTENSION"


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