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JoomShopping - A free Shop for CMS Joomla

JoomShopping-Shop-for-Joomla JoomShopping - A free Shop for CMS Joomla

We bring to your attention the JoomShopping extension, a free shopping solution on a site running CMS Joomla. The extension is popular and highly appreciated by users in the Joomla extension directory. Our team will help install and configure the JoomShopping extension.

JoomShopping Extension description:

JoomShopping is a fully functional extension for creating an online store on Joomla CMS. The main feature of the JoomShopping extension is that its basic version is distributed free of charge by the development team. You can also download for free basic modules and plugins for JoomShopping.

Extensions from third-party developers are mostly paid. In addition, the component itself is quite functional and has a lot of settings.

Why do users choose JoomShopping Extension?

Joomla users often prefer this extension because it can be obtained and tried for free. And also due to the fact that this extension has many plugins for accepting payments through popular payment systems. Also important factors are its multilingualism and the ability to accept payments in different currencies.

Key features of the Extension JoomShopping:

The extension is free. It has a lot of settings. Ability to enter an unlimited number of products and product categories. Built-in image processing system for goods. Ability to add language versions. The ability to set prices for goods in different currencies, taking into account exchange rates. There are basic settings for managing SEO settings. It is possible to add templates and adjust them to change the external design. The process of setting up an extension is generally intuitive, but takes a lot of time. It is possible to download demo content, which significantly speeds up the store setup process. There is a built-in notification system through e-mail messages, etc.

JoomShopping Specifications: 




0.00 USD


Joomla 3.0+, PHP5.3+, MySQL 4.1.3+


Internal template, Custum by editing the temlate CSS file,


Internal SEO Configuration


Mobile Devices responsive design 

If you want to install this extension on your website or update the version, our developers will help you. 

They will install the latest, tested version of the extension and configure it according to the tasks of your site.

To order the installation of the JoomShopping extension 

use our Service Pack "INSTALL EXTENSION"


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