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$399.00 each

Security control, SEO control, Data archiving, elimination of critical errors, updating CMS and all paid extensions

The subscription plan includes the involvement of a dedicated FIXJOOMLA specialist who carries out the following activities during the month:

  • installation and configuration of the internal security system for the duration of the subscription
  • installation and configuration of the SEO management system for the duration of the subscription
  • installation and configuration of your own site archiving system for the subscription validity period
  • weekly site and database archiving with the ability to quickly restore or transfer to a new hosting
  • continuous access control to the administrative panel
  • weekly full site diagnostics for vulnerabilities and their elimination
  • weekly diagnostics and optimization of database tables
  • weekly check of the main pages of the site for errors that affect SEO and site loading speed
  • elimination of critical errors (SEO and security) that occurred when adding new content
  • CMS update (if necessary)
  • updating of all paid site extensions installed earlier when performing work under the “UPDATE EXTENSIONS” package with a preliminary analysis for the absence of errors in new versions of third-party extensions and their compatibility with CMS, server software and other site extensions

According to the results of the work, at the end of each month a report is prepared on the work done with recommendations for site owners

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