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Joomla Extensions Update Pack

Common price: $790.00 Our price: $690.00 each

The package includes updating the main paid * and free site extensions on Joomla CMS and setting them up taking into account the specifics and design of the site. The list of major tested paid extensions and available for updating published in the «JOOMLA EXTENSIONS» section.  We constantly update this list and it includes more than a hundred of the most popular Joomla extensions from leading brands. If you cannot find the desired extension in this list, please contact our support team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Most likely, either our developers will find the current version of the necessary extension, or they will recommend the best option for replacement (better and more functional).

* The number of updated paid extensions in the standard package is 10. Updating or installing more extensions is a term of discussion separately when placing an order.


An example of picking a list of paid extensions for a store website on CMS Joomla:

  • Paid YOOTHEME Template (Joomla Template “District”) (Commercial License US $ 66)
  • HikaShop Business Component and Modules (Commercial License US $ 110)
  • Component and Modules of RSFirewall (Commercial License US $ 55)
  • Component and Modules RSSEO (Commercial License US $ 33)
  • Akeeba Backup Pro Component (US $ 55 Commercial License)
  • Component and Modules Improved Ajax Login Pro (Commercial License US $ 24)
  • Component and Modules Falang Pro (Commercial License US $ 150)
  • Google Structured Data PRO Component (US $ 66 Commercial License)
  • Improved Ajax Login and Register PRO (Commercial License US $ 24)
  • Plugin JCH Optimize PRO (Commercial License US $ 99)


The total cost of the paid Joomla extensions included in the example package “Joomla Extensions Update Pack” is US $ 682

The cost of this package when ordering on FIXJOOMLA will be US $ 780. In addition to the listed extensions, you will receive a full range of work on setting up these extensions on your website taking into account their interaction. Such work in normal mode will take from five to ten days of dedicated specialists. In fact, all of the listed works will cost you less than US $ 100, which is undoubtedly less than the cost of any invited freelancer.

Service Subscripton Palns

For our regular customers, we recommend to sign up for a permanent service subscription, which will enable you to solve your site’s issues quickly. Using one of the standard subscription plans, you will have constant contact with your dedicated developer, who will help you quickly fix certain errors, restore data from a backup, or transfer your site to a new hosting. By subscribing to the service, you will be insured against long shutdowns of the site and, most importantly, from data loss in case of your own mistakes or hacker attacks. At its core, having a permanent subscription can be compared with hiring a remote Joomla developer, which will significantly reduce your cost of maintaining the site continuously.

  • Security Control
  • Data archiving
  • CMS Update
  • Security Control
  • SEO Control
  • Data archiving
  • Critical Error Elimination
  • CMS Update
  • Security control
  • SEO control
  • Data archiving
  • Critical Error Elimination
  • CMS Update
  • Paid extensions Update